Creating the Perfect Campaign Presentation


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The final obstacle we face in our campaigns course is to create a campaign book and presentation. When I start thinking of presentations, I get excited. I am thrilled with the progress The Reilly Agency has made over the past few weeks and cannot wait to show everyone else what we have accomplished.

A few of our recent accomplishments:

  • Creating a video and generating publicity for Playmakers’ first performance of the semester, Pinocchio.
  • Carrying out a wonderful fundraising event for Playmakers at Schlittz & Giggles. We brought in more than $1000 in revenue to Schlittz & Giggles.All of us at Schlittz & Giggles
  • Developing a brand new website for Playmakers which we hope to launch in the near future-!

Below are some tips I find helpful when planning and executing a final presentation.

1. Create
Create a fabulous presentation including all the important information regarding your client. Keep it simple but make sure you touch all the top issues. Then insert anything and everything you have done for client over the duration of the campaign. Make people interested in your accomplishments and completed works.

2. Prepare
No one likes a group or individual that is ill prepared and lacks confidence on presentation day. Always run through your presentation with your group multiple times and don’t be afraid to modify what you say.

Business Attire3. Dress
Everyone knows, “Dress for Success!” Feel confident in your apparel and choose your outfit wisely. For tips and suggestions there are oodles of resources online. Here is an article from Forbes Woman that I found useful.

4. Present
Presentation time! Already know your stuff. Be prepared for questions and don’t be afraid to pause and rethink what you were trying to say. Always be smiling and create a rapport with your audience. If they feel you are comfortable, they will also be comfortable and listen to what you have to say. But if you are still having trouble here are a few links that I think you can learn from.

As the end is near I cannot help but be excited about the future. This past semester I have learned multiple skills I can take with me wherever I end up after my time here at Louisiana State University.

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Targeting YOUR Audience


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We now have our two events for Playmakers finalized. We will be hosting “Night Out at Schlittz & Giggles” this upcoming Tuesday, April 3 from 5-11pm, the location under the overpass on Perkins. Our second event is planned for Tuesday, April 16 at Bistro Byronz with the details coming.

For the Schlittz event I was asked to make a simple flier. I had originally only made one flier, promoting the Tuesday Special Schlittz offers, 2-4-1 drinks. This promotion would be used to not only get Playmakers’ supporters in the doors of Schlittz & Giggles but also our supporters. It played up the drink special so that our friends would be likely to make an appearance and just happen to help a great cause.

Night Out at Schlittz & Giggles Flier

Then The Reilly Agency strategized, along with the suggestion from our client, and we decided to make an additional flier for the families and kids that will hopefully be coming out to support Playmakers. So with a little editing, I changed the “Tuesday Special” flier to a “Pizza & Cinna-knots” flier; simple, easy and hopefully effective.

Night Out at Schlittz & Giggles flier for kids

We realized that because our audience is not only college-aged friends but also supporters of Playmakers and families there needed to be a slight change in appearance. When creating promotional materials you have to first target your audience. By creating the flier to appeal to our tastes, we realized we left a huge part of our audience unaccounted for, the families and kids.

Advertising drink specials to children would be rather ineffective and frankly irresponsible. So I choose the things kids look forward to the most, pizza and dessert! Schlittz & Giggles has a wonderful dessert option, the cinna-knots! Dipped in a wonderful cinnamon-buttery sauce, they are perfect to cap off your dinner.

So instead of playing up the drink specials to children, you explain that there can possibly be dessert! I know it worked for me as a kid and it should work for others as well.

Remember, the smallest detail can change your promotional message completely. Always keep your audience in mind and create specifically for them. This was a simple flier but keep in mind when creating all sorts of things, you might have to change the font, colors or images on the material as well.

Join our event on Facebook! We look forward to seeing you there.

Check out the menus for Schlittz & Giggles and Bistro Byronz here!

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Facing new and exciting challenges


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Project X: The Final Level

Project X: The Final Level

Sneak Peak tonight at the Reilly Theatre! Tickets can be purchased there or online. The production runs through Sunday, March 18th.

In the past couple of weeks my service- learning group has made great progress. We pushed the opening of Pinocchio, created surveys for the audience and picked a place to have our semester event. Coming into this project, I figured most of the work would be completed or at least in motion by now- I was a little off in my calculations.

When dealing with a real client, actually performing all of the steps public relations professionals are supposed to perform, everything is always “in motion” and nothing is ever “completed.” New curve balls are thrown everyday and I am learning, or trying to learn, how to swing my bat.

One large task that was placed upon our group this week is to completely redesign and recreate the website for our client. This was a project that we thought was off-limits to us because we did not have access to do any editing. Well, now we are not just editing an old site but creating a brand new site! I am thrilled to get this opportunity to build a site on my own, but I of course face a few challenges.

Time Management

Creating a site from the ground up is a bit more complex than simply creating a blog. The resources are all there but the design and layout need to be tweaked. This takes time. I see my self as somewhat of an organizer, but finding free time is difficult.

Honing New Skills

I understand the importance of gaining more knowledge- it’s necessary. Having some knowledge in scripting and coding websites, I am now gaining more experience working with WordPress. This is something I have always wanted to explore and now I have been given the perfect opportunity.


Every public relations professional knows how patience is key when working with different people and on different projects. Keeping a level head and focusing on the task at hand has been a way for me to help with patience.

There are many obstacles and challenges when working with a real client. I have encountered some of these issues this week alone. Facing them head on and not setting them aside is the best solution to create a great campaign.

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PlaymakersBR presents Pinocchio


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Buy your tickets here for Pinocchio and Project X: The Final Level TODAY!

Pinocchio will be opening Thursday, March 1,2012 at 7pm in the Reilly Theatre. It will be running though out the weekend to March 4, 2012. I have created a promotional video for the play that can be found on the PlaymakersBR YouTube Channel. I was very excited to get a sneak peek at the production and can’t wait for the show to start.

Dig Magazine published an article on Pinocchio, “Postmodern Pinocchio,” a week before the show opened. This is great for us because it is showcases Playmakers and Pinocchio in an engaging light. The Advocate also wrote an article, “Playmakers students build their own Pinocchio,” stating, “It’s not Walt Disney’s Pinocchio.” And they are right it is not!

We are also giving away tickets for Pinocchio on our Facebook page. We are asking questions and those who respond first with the correct answer win two free tickets to see the show. We are doing this so that a parent might win, have two tickets for themselves and their significant other and then buy tickets for their children.

During Pinocchio, we will be surveying the audience trying to determine how they heard about the production and whether they will be coming to see Playmakers’ next production, Project X: The Final Level. This is going to be part of our research to be included in our campaign.

After Pinocchio, our focus is set on Project X: The Final Level. We are worried because around the same time as this performance there is going to be a movie released with the title Project X. The movie involves obscene partying and has nothing to do with our production. We will have to combat the news about the movie and let our audience know that Project X: The Final Level is about a young boy and the last level of a video game. Our next step is to set up times where we can go to area schools and promote Project X: The Final Level. I have created a bookmark as promotional material for the production. We will be handing these out at the area schools as well as through our guerilla marketing at places like the skate park and Gamestop.

We wanted the bookmark to give information on the Project X: The Final Level and have a fun image on the other side. The Reilly Agency decided we wanted a game controller on the other side to grab kids attention. I chose the old Nintendo controller because it is boxed-shaped. I also added our social media outlets because most kids have access to social media. We also hope their parents will see the bookmark and look us up as well.

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The Reilly Agency


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The Reilly Agency has now met with our client, Playmakers, twice. We have come a long way since our first meeting and I feel as though we can accomplish the things we are trying to set out and do.

My first responsibility as Design Director was to create The Reilly Agency’s logo. Since the presentation I have tweaked it a bit; I wanted to make sure it was the best I could do and the first I felt was subpar. I feel like the new logo is a great icon for The Reilly Agency- clean, bright and powerful. I love the building of the Reilly Theatre and knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate that in the design. I am proud of the logo I have created and I hope everyone else in the Agency likes it as much as I do.

The Reilly Agency logo

Now getting into the bulk of our work, I can tell we are going to be doing a lot this semester. Making lists and trying to keep everything organized is my top priority right now. Keeping up show times, rehearsals, meetings and emails flying every which way I love the glimpse into my future. I realize now that I am going to have to invest in a very fancy, professional planner.

The Reilly Agency has come up with research tactics, survey methods, fundraiser possibilities and promotional events and materials, all in the past week. We have a very creative and resourceful team, we have worked together on everything thus far. Splitting up all of the work including the research report. We each took a small part and pieced everything together creating a decent first draft.

My next challenge is going to film some of the rehearsals of Pinocchio, Playmakers first production of the semester.  I am going to make a video/trailer of the performance to promote via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We decided to do this to attract a larger audience for the show and so we can have a larger population to survey for our research. This must be filmed and edited very soon because the production is in a couple of weeks, March 1-4.

We have much to do before the show. We have posters to distribute around Baton Rouge, surveys to create and much more. It is going to be an exciting couple of weeks and I can’t wait for Playmakers first performance!

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MC 4005, yikes!


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The first day of this class was definitely a wake up calling saying, “this is the beginning of the rest of your life,” and it was a bit hard to take in everything. Now, having an actual client and working on actual problems, it seems much easier than I had expected.

It was exciting to receive our team assignments! At my current job I don’t get to interact with a bunch of people because I am working on Web sites or making ads to go in The Daily Reveille and simply facing a computer. I enjoy working with others and I can’t wait to one day be apart of a team like the one we have in class.

The first meeting with the client:

I believe it went quite well. Karli, at Playmakers, seemed very thrilled to have us help her out this semester. She kept reiterating that she was “just one person” and I kept thinking, “But now you have six more persons!” I think we can do a lot of good working for Playmakers over the next few months and I hope to learn skills that will help me in the future.

My first task is to hopefully make a trailer for their next performance, Pinocchio. Being the Design Director I am very excited about incorporating film into our project. I also get to try and figure out anew logo for Playmakers, something revamped and younger feeling. She said that a couple people have tried and failed, making nothing that really impressed her, but I hope I can create something that she will love and use.

Karli also needs to become more social media savvy. Up until last semester I was still against having multiple media outlets for personal use. I did not change my mind about them until one PRSSA meeting where the speaker went on and on about how we, mass communicators, need to be involved on every platform of social media. No one had ever said that to me, it clicked instantly that because I am going into a field that relies heavily on every media outlet, it is only logical that I be familiar with them all.  And thank goodness that I did. I would be confused trying to teach a client on how to deal with social networking if I myself did not have accounts.

“The learning and knowledge that we have, is, at the most, but little compared with that of which we are ignorant.”

– Plato

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