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The Reilly Agency has now met with our client, Playmakers, twice. We have come a long way since our first meeting and I feel as though we can accomplish the things we are trying to set out and do.

My first responsibility as Design Director was to create The Reilly Agency’s logo. Since the presentation I have tweaked it a bit; I wanted to make sure it was the best I could do and the first I felt was subpar. I feel like the new logo is a great icon for The Reilly Agency- clean, bright and powerful. I love the building of the Reilly Theatre and knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate that in the design. I am proud of the logo I have created and I hope everyone else in the Agency likes it as much as I do.

The Reilly Agency logo

Now getting into the bulk of our work, I can tell we are going to be doing a lot this semester. Making lists and trying to keep everything organized is my top priority right now. Keeping up show times, rehearsals, meetings and emails flying every which way I love the glimpse into my future. I realize now that I am going to have to invest in a very fancy, professional planner.

The Reilly Agency has come up with research tactics, survey methods, fundraiser possibilities and promotional events and materials, all in the past week. We have a very creative and resourceful team, we have worked together on everything thus far. Splitting up all of the work including the research report. We each took a small part and pieced everything together creating a decent first draft.

My next challenge is going to film some of the rehearsals of Pinocchio, Playmakers first production of the semester.  I am going to make a video/trailer of the performance to promote via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We decided to do this to attract a larger audience for the show and so we can have a larger population to survey for our research. This must be filmed and edited very soon because the production is in a couple of weeks, March 1-4.

We have much to do before the show. We have posters to distribute around Baton Rouge, surveys to create and much more. It is going to be an exciting couple of weeks and I can’t wait for Playmakers first performance!

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