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Buy your tickets here for Pinocchio and Project X: The Final Level TODAY!

Pinocchio will be opening Thursday, March 1,2012 at 7pm in the Reilly Theatre. It will be running though out the weekend to March 4, 2012. I have created a promotional video for the play that can be found on the PlaymakersBR YouTube Channel. I was very excited to get a sneak peek at the production and can’t wait for the show to start.

Dig Magazine published an article on Pinocchio, “Postmodern Pinocchio,” a week before the show opened. This is great for us because it is showcases Playmakers and Pinocchio in an engaging light. The Advocate also wrote an article, “Playmakers students build their own Pinocchio,” stating, “It’s not Walt Disney’s Pinocchio.” And they are right it is not!

We are also giving away tickets for Pinocchio on our Facebook page. We are asking questions and those who respond first with the correct answer win two free tickets to see the show. We are doing this so that a parent might win, have two tickets for themselves and their significant other and then buy tickets for their children.

During Pinocchio, we will be surveying the audience trying to determine how they heard about the production and whether they will be coming to see Playmakers’ next production, Project X: The Final Level. This is going to be part of our research to be included in our campaign.

After Pinocchio, our focus is set on Project X: The Final Level. We are worried because around the same time as this performance there is going to be a movie released with the title Project X. The movie involves obscene partying and has nothing to do with our production. We will have to combat the news about the movie and let our audience know that Project X: The Final Level is about a young boy and the last level of a video game. Our next step is to set up times where we can go to area schools and promote Project X: The Final Level. I have created a bookmark as promotional material for the production. We will be handing these out at the area schools as well as through our guerilla marketing at places like the skate park and Gamestop.

We wanted the bookmark to give information on the Project X: The Final Level and have a fun image on the other side. The Reilly Agency decided we wanted a game controller on the other side to grab kids attention. I chose the old Nintendo controller because it is boxed-shaped. I also added our social media outlets because most kids have access to social media. We also hope their parents will see the bookmark and look us up as well.

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