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Project X: The Final Level

Project X: The Final Level

Sneak Peak tonight at the Reilly Theatre! Tickets can be purchased there or online. The production runs through Sunday, March 18th.

In the past couple of weeks my service- learning group has made great progress. We pushed the opening of Pinocchio, created surveys for the audience and picked a place to have our semester event. Coming into this project, I figured most of the work would be completed or at least in motion by now- I was a little off in my calculations.

When dealing with a real client, actually performing all of the steps public relations professionals are supposed to perform, everything is always “in motion” and nothing is ever “completed.” New curve balls are thrown everyday and I am learning, or trying to learn, how to swing my bat.

One large task that was placed upon our group this week is to completely redesign and recreate the website for our client. This was a project that we thought was off-limits to us because we did not have access to do any editing. Well, now we are not just editing an old site but creating a brand new site! I am thrilled to get this opportunity to build a site on my own, but I of course face a few challenges.

Time Management

Creating a site from the ground up is a bit more complex than simply creating a blog. The resources are all there but the design and layout need to be tweaked. This takes time. I see my self as somewhat of an organizer, but finding free time is difficult.

Honing New Skills

I understand the importance of gaining more knowledge- it’s necessary. Having some knowledge in scripting and coding websites, I am now gaining more experience working with WordPress. This is something I have always wanted to explore and now I have been given the perfect opportunity.


Every public relations professional knows how patience is key when working with different people and on different projects. Keeping a level head and focusing on the task at hand has been a way for me to help with patience.

There are many obstacles and challenges when working with a real client. I have encountered some of these issues this week alone. Facing them head on and not setting them aside is the best solution to create a great campaign.

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