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We now have our two events for Playmakers finalized. We will be hosting “Night Out at Schlittz & Giggles” this upcoming Tuesday, April 3 from 5-11pm, the location under the overpass on Perkins. Our second event is planned for Tuesday, April 16 at Bistro Byronz with the details coming.

For the Schlittz event I was asked to make a simple flier. I had originally only made one flier, promoting the Tuesday Special Schlittz offers, 2-4-1 drinks. This promotion would be used to not only get Playmakers’ supporters in the doors of Schlittz & Giggles but also our supporters. It played up the drink special so that our friends would be likely to make an appearance and just happen to help a great cause.

Night Out at Schlittz & Giggles Flier

Then The Reilly Agency strategized, along with the suggestion from our client, and we decided to make an additional flier for the families and kids that will hopefully be coming out to support Playmakers. So with a little editing, I changed the “Tuesday Special” flier to a “Pizza & Cinna-knots” flier; simple, easy and hopefully effective.

Night Out at Schlittz & Giggles flier for kids

We realized that because our audience is not only college-aged friends but also supporters of Playmakers and families there needed to be a slight change in appearance. When creating promotional materials you have to first target your audience. By creating the flier to appeal to our tastes, we realized we left a huge part of our audience unaccounted for, the families and kids.

Advertising drink specials to children would be rather ineffective and frankly irresponsible. So I choose the things kids look forward to the most, pizza and dessert! Schlittz & Giggles has a wonderful dessert option, the cinna-knots! Dipped in a wonderful cinnamon-buttery sauce, they are perfect to cap off your dinner.

So instead of playing up the drink specials to children, you explain that there can possibly be dessert! I know it worked for me as a kid and it should work for others as well.

Remember, the smallest detail can change your promotional message completely. Always keep your audience in mind and create specifically for them. This was a simple flier but keep in mind when creating all sorts of things, you might have to change the font, colors or images on the material as well.

Join our event on Facebook! We look forward to seeing you there.

Check out the menus for Schlittz & Giggles and Bistro Byronz here!

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