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The final obstacle we face in our campaigns course is to create a campaign book and presentation. When I start thinking of presentations, I get excited. I am thrilled with the progress The Reilly Agency has made over the past few weeks and cannot wait to show everyone else what we have accomplished.

A few of our recent accomplishments:

  • Creating a video and generating publicity for Playmakers’ first performance of the semester, Pinocchio.
  • Carrying out a wonderful fundraising event for Playmakers at Schlittz & Giggles. We brought in more than $1000 in revenue to Schlittz & Giggles.All of us at Schlittz & Giggles
  • Developing a brand new website for Playmakers which we hope to launch in the near future- www.Playmakersbr.org!

Below are some tips I find helpful when planning and executing a final presentation.

1. Create
Create a fabulous presentation including all the important information regarding your client. Keep it simple but make sure you touch all the top issues. Then insert anything and everything you have done for client over the duration of the campaign. Make people interested in your accomplishments and completed works.

2. Prepare
No one likes a group or individual that is ill prepared and lacks confidence on presentation day. Always run through your presentation with your group multiple times and don’t be afraid to modify what you say.

Business Attire3. Dress
Everyone knows, “Dress for Success!” Feel confident in your apparel and choose your outfit wisely. For tips and suggestions there are oodles of resources online. Here is an article from Forbes Woman that I found useful.

4. Present
Presentation time! Already know your stuff. Be prepared for questions and don’t be afraid to pause and rethink what you were trying to say. Always be smiling and create a rapport with your audience. If they feel you are comfortable, they will also be comfortable and listen to what you have to say. But if you are still having trouble here are a few links that I think you can learn from.

As the end is near I cannot help but be excited about the future. This past semester I have learned multiple skills I can take with me wherever I end up after my time here at Louisiana State University.

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